Clever Items to Include in Your Suitcase

travel_suitcaseI’m currently in the middle of packing for an international trip, which can always be daunting. It’s definitely not easy to gather all your necessities when going out of town for a week or more. After all these years of traveling, there are a few clever things I make sure to pack every time that a lot of people may never think to include. Here are the often looked-over items I make sure to put in my suitcase.

Carry-on Comfort Items: A sleep mask, neck roll and scarf are necessities on international flights.

Plastic Bags: Extra bags are great for holding shoes, dirty clothes or anything that could spill.

Bubble Wrap: Bring a few sheets of bubble wrap to wrap around breakables. These absolutely come in handy when bringing back wine or local alcohol (which I find myself doing on most trips!).

First Aid Items: You’ll be happy to have travel size pain killers and band-aids when the need arises, trust me.

Photocopies: It doesn’t hurt to make copies of important documents like your passport or driver’s license in case they get misplaced.

What are the items that you always pack?

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