The Best Things I Ate in Barcelona

It’s been less than a week since I returned from a few days in Barcelona, and I’m already missing the food! Like any good foodie, I had to try all the specialties of Spanish cuisine that Barcelona had to offer.  Here are some of the photos I took as I ate my way through Barcelona.

Paella: I HAD to get paella when in Barcelona, and the serving we found at a beachfront restaurant in Barceloneta did not disappoint. Shrimp, mussels calamari and clams…so good. Paella

Sangria: One of my summer drinks of choice is white sangria. Sadly, I did not find white sangria on any menus in Barcelona, but good ‘ol red was always available. I also discovered my new favorite thing, cava sangria. Sparking wine is wonderful. So is sangria. Mix it together and it’s the like the best of both worlds.Sangria

Jamón: Ham and ham and more ham. Jamón serrano and jamón Iberico. (What’s the difference? Find out here.) It’s everywhere. There are whole stores dedicated to it. My husband is obsessed with this delicacy, so needless to say we ordered it a lot. barca7 barca2

Tomato Bread: This is no ordinary bread. Catalan tomato bread, or pa amb tomàquetconsists of crunchy bread rubbed with tomatoes and olive oil. This local specialty is served with most meals, which is good because it’s super addicting!Tomato Bread

Sweets: Flan. Chocolate croissants. Crema catalana. All amazing. And one of the most unique treats I found was a churro donut. Yes. I combined it with my morning espresso and I couldn’t have been happier. churro


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