Best Buys From Brussels 

One of my favorite things to do when traveling is visit local shops, stalls and boutiques. I love picking up local finds for myself and friends. Brussels was no exception, and I was able to score some cute (and tasty) gifts. Here’s a rundown of my best bets when visiting Brussels.

Chocolate: Belgian chocolate is known throughout the world as being some of the milkiest, creamiest chocolate goodness there is, so this was an obvious choice. You can even see it being made first hand in some of the shops across the city.chocolate


Lace: You’ll see a lot of small boutiques across the city selling handmade lace items. You can find everything from dresses, bonnets, pillows and doilies. Everything is beautifully done, and there’s sure to be something within your price range.

Waffles: Did you know there are two types of waffles in Belgium? I definitely had my fill of the larger Brussels waffles, which are covered with everything from bananas to chocolate and whipped cream. There’s also the smaller Liege waffle, which is  thicker and covered with an amazing layer of crystallized sugar. I picked up a few packages to take home from an adorable shop called Elisabeth near the Manneken Pis. (These traveled surprisingly well too, due to their crisp top later). You can even find chocolate covered varieties! Many come in cute ribbon-tied packages, making for some very yummy gifts.waffles

Local Beer & Mugs: Brussels is definitely a beer drinking culture. You can visit one of the city’s many beer stores, get a great recommendation on a local brew, then take it to go and drink it as you explore. How cool is that? Specialty local beers and their glasses make great souvenirs for any beer lover.Beer

Speculoos: These crunchy little cookies made from brown sugar and spices are seriously addictive! You can find all sorts of types in Brussels – classic, vanilla, even in a spread. Once home, I found that they go prefect my with my morning coffee. High end bakery Maison Dandoy sells them in beautiful packaging for easy gift giving.



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