Checking Into the Dominican in Brussels

Hotel Dominican

I recently visited Brussels on the tail end of a trip that saw stops in London, Paris and Belgium. I had heard that Brussels was relatively small, and I was looking forward to having a low-key 24 hour visit before heading back home on an early morning flight. With limited time to explore the city, a centrally located hotel was a must. I came across the luxury Dominican through an online search, and its great reviews made it the obvious choice.

The Location

After taking a cab from the the train station, my friend and I were a little confused when our taxi driver dropped us off in an alley. (He explained that the street was closed to cars, and was thus unable to drop us off at the hotel’s entrance). After checking in and getting our bearings, we soon discovered that the property was actually very close to the first place we wanted to see, the Grand Place (or Grote Markt).  A short walk south took us past small streets filled with restaurants and bars, which filled up with lots of people come evening time. The Grand Place was a ten minute walk at most. The streets surrounding the Grand Place is where we ended up spending most of our time in the city, and it was nice to have it within walking distance. Not having to take the metro to get around was a welcome break after exhausting days navigating Paris and London. The convenient location also made it easy to stop back at the hotel for a mid-day break to freshen up before dinner.

Hotel's location

The Property

The hotel’s luxury could definitely be felt in the main lobby. Sleek furniture and elegant touches like mirrors, glass accents and flowers added to the overall glamour. The lobby and the rest of the first level are mostly open, which allows you to see the hotel’s lounges and seating areas. Being pressed for time, we were unfortunately unable to experience any of the dining options. We did notice lots of people having an evening cocktail in the lobby bar, and there was also a beautiful courtyard restaurant that looked like a wonderful place to have drinks or dinner.

Europe 2015 807flowers

Europe 2015 810 Europe 2015 811The Rooms

We stayed in a Deluxe room, which was cozy but had enough space to fit two people comfortably. The hotel’s underlying religious theme was present in the room, notably from the old church music that came from the TV speakers and within the carpet designs. My favorite part was the bathroom, which was sleek and modern. It had a masculine vibe, with black finishes and contemporary elements like a chrome hair dryer, not to mention an amazing shower.

Europe 2015 675 Europe 2015 677 Europe 2015 680

The Dominican really was the perfect hotel for a one day stay in the city. The greatest selling points of this property really are its location and lux features. The staff was also very friendly and accommodating. Rooms start at 140 euros a night, and more info can be found on their website.

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