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                    About Future

                    Nanjing Future Company is a professional manufacturer of storage racking in ODM, OEM and offer many in-house designs from designing to manufacture and final export for customers as well.
                    Our products from two factories as follows:Warehouse Racking: Pallet Racking, Drive-in Racking, Mezzanine, Push Back Rack, Long Span Shelf, Steel Angle Shelving etc.
                    Pallet: Steel Pallet, galvanized steel pallet etc.
                    Steel cage: Wire mesh container, mesh box, roll container etc.
                    Plastic-steel composite pipe racks and carton flow racks Anti-static steel floor We earned much honor reputation by our most competitive prices, high quality control, on-time delivery and considerate customer service among our clients since we established.
                    Why do you choose us to be your supplier?
                    We have strong design team, competitive price, high quality, fast delivery and excellent service.
                    Fully promoting the business theory of ¡°observing honesty and grateful for favors received¡± and satisfying customers¡¯ needs is our core, Future industry will constantly seek for development and innovation, so as to provide customers with high-quality and high-performance-price ratio products and service.

                    management idea

                    Sincerity Be honest with others and abide by reputation;respect others and strive for credit.

                    Speciality Professional attitude, professionalism; professional skills, professional standards.

                    Excellent Joint efforts, symbiosis and prosperity; the pursuit of excellence,

                    Innovation Hainabaichuan Technological Innovation, Management Innovation;

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                    Nanjing Future Mechanical Equipment Co., LtdWelcome to leave messages online, you may have problems, or even suggestions on how to improve.

                    Add£º 2 Xining road, Jiangning district, Nanjing, China
                    M.P.£º 86-13776682492