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                    Introduction of Auxiliary Steel Structure Platform2019-05-22

                    Steel structure platform

                    I-beam and cold-rolled cross beam are used as the main support of steel platform, and floor is added.

                    Floors are usually made of wood or cold-rolled steel corner braces; they are equipped with stairs and guardrails and are used in conjunction with lifting platforms to improve efficiency.

                    Bearing capacity: 300-2000 KG/m2, can be customized according to the actual site and specific requirements!

                    Product characteristics of ## #

                    1. All the columns and beams adopt spiral interlocking structure, which has stable structure, combined installation, convenient transportation and disassembly, and can be designed flexibly according to the site.

                    2. Large span, strong bearing capacity, good overall performance, safety and stability.

                    3. The upper and lower floors of goods can be selected by forklift truck and lifting platform.

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