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                    Brief Talk on Common Knowledge of Shelf in Qingyuan Steel Industry2019-05-23

                    All kinds of measuring and testing instruments, instruments, instruments and equipment used shall conform to the provisions of the current national metrology regulations, and the accuracy shall not be lower than the required accuracy through installation.

                    The shelf is characterized by:

                    1. Easy to install, fast, free assembly, adjustment of height.

                    2. It has strong bearing capacity and is suitable for large warehouses.

                    3. Save space, clean, convenient and improve efficiency.

                    4. Good shelf assembly, easy disassembly and assembly, beautiful, generous, safe and reliable.

                    5. The pillars and beams are based on mechanical design, and rollers are formed by using dies.

                    It has very good cost-effectiveness.

                    6. The shelf parts are treated by surface treatment, such as rust removal, degreasing, pickling, phosphating, spraying and so on, with long service life. \\ The specific concept of n n supermarket shelf and its logistics function:

                    How many people know the meaning of shelf? There are many problems on the shelves, such as supermarket shelves, warehouse shelves, warehouse shelves and so on.

                    1. The concept of shelf

                    Shelf usually refers to the shelf where goods are stored.

                    In warehouse equipment, shelf refers to the storage equipment used to store individual items.

                    2. The Logistics Function of Shelf

                    Shelf occupies a very important position in logistics and warehouse. It develops rapidly and vigorously with modern industry. A large number of physics are distributed together to reflect the modern management of warehouse, improve the role of warehouse, and need multi-function, and may experience mechanization, automatic request.

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