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                    Storage Principles of Goods on Storage Shelf2019-05-23

                    In order to reduce the market share of goods to land resources, large logistics companies or small enterprises are seeking to increase storage space for goods in space, as well as storage shelves have emerged to solve the problem of insufficient land resources.

                    So how to make better use of shelves to achieve better results?

                    This paper will introduce the principle of goods storage in warehouse shelves, and improve the efficiency of goods utilization.

                    1. Let it face the channel.

                    In order to facilitate the entry and exit of goods, they can be moved in the warehouse. The basic condition is to keep the goods facing the channel.

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                    2. As high as possible to improve storage efficiency.

                    The internal volume of the library should be as high as possible for effective use. In order to prevent damage and ensure safety, storage devices such as scaffolding should be used as far as possible.

                    3. Choose the location according to the outbound frequency.

                    Goods with high frequencies of transportation and purchase should be placed near the entrance and exit to facilitate work; goods with poor liquidity should be far away from the entrance and exit; seasonal items should be selected according to seasonal characteristics.

                    4. The same species is kept in the same place.

                    In order to improve work efficiency and storage efficiency, the same or similar items should be kept in the same place. Employees'familiarity with the placement of items in the warehouse directly affects the time to enter and leave the warehouse. It is also effective to place similar items adjacent to each other.

                    Important methods.

                    5. Arrange the storage location according to the weight of the item.

                    When placing a place, of course, place heavy objects at the bottom and light objects on shelves.

                    Especially for medium-sized shelves, it needs to be handled manually. The height is a threat to the safety of personnel, so it is an important principle to improve efficiency and ensure safety.

                    6. Based on the first-in-first-out principle.

                    For food, medicine and other types of warehouse shelves, advanced FIFO requirements are very high, some industries do not require FIFO requirements, but considering the aging and life of goods, it is better to order shipment.

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