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                    Use and Maintenance of Loft Shelf2019-05-23

                    Characteristic of attic shelf: Attic shelf system is usually medium shelf or heavy shelf. Main support plus floor steel corner brace (depending on the total load weight of the shelf unit to determine which shelf to use), floor panel

                    Cold rolled steel plate, patterned steel plate or wood splint are usually used. Mezzanine shelf is supported by floor, light steel floor, flat floor, strong overall structure, strong bearing capacity, low cost, fast construction.

                    Loft shelves are suitable for warehouses with high warehouse, small cargo, manual operation and large capacity.

                    According to the actual site and specific requirements, loft shelves can be designed into multi-storey buildings, usually 2 to 3 storeys. The chassis of attic shelves can be used for cargo type, medium A type and B type shelves, which can not only store cargo.

                    The system is also the support point of the upper weight. Attic shelves are equipped with auxiliary facilities, such as stairs, guardrails and electric lifting platform.

                    1. Attic shelves are generally placed in warehouses, inevitably there will be some dust-proof cover. Frequent cleaning of shelves will prolong the service life of storage shelves, as long as there is no dust, of course, not only water cleaning of storage shelves, will lead to storage.

                    The shelf surface is oxidized, which in turn greatly shortens the shelf life. \ \ n

                    2. You must be familiar with the weighing capacity of the attic storage rack and never exceed the storage capacity of the storage rack itself.

                    3. Making Organized Goods

                    Products, tools and accessories must be arranged in a regular, organized and planned manner to avoid blocking channels.

                    If goods are randomly placed on attic shelves, the instability of the goods will be increased, and the goods and shelves can be safely increased. \ \ N R \ \ n.

                    4. To be lightweight, follow the lightweight principle at the bottom of the storage rack.

                    5. In order to prevent dampness and rain, shelf pillars and beams are metal products, the surface is painted, but exposed to sunlight will rust for a long time, thus affecting service life.

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