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                    Steps and precautions for assembling shelves2019-05-23

                    The company specializing in warehousing shelves of Qingyuan Steel Company has experience in customizing shelf design in various industries. After shelf customization, they are shipped to customer warehouses. At this point, the shelf needs to be assembled. Shelf assembly is a big project, which needs users to complete on-site, and in order to meet the required use requirements, it is necessary to work hard under the installation.

                    Today, Xiaobian of Qingyuan Steel will talk about it. What are the steps to assemble shelves? What should I pay attention to?

                    Middle rack

                    Assembly rack steps:

                    N 1. Check the delivery order and actual delivery quantity, and observe whether the accessories on the shelf are in good condition.

                    2. First, look at the assembly drawings carefully, understand the general structure of the shelves, and sort out the installation sequence.

                    3. Firstly, the chromatographic column is assembled. Firstly, the footpad is installed on the chromatographic column.

                    4. Then assemble the top and bottom triangles and screw them onto the column, but don't screw them too tightly, just open them, so that they can be adjusted after assembly.

                    5. Then assemble the load-bearing plate at the top and bottom. It can also be fixed with screw, not too tight.

                    6. Next, the load-bearing plate is assembled in the middle and placed in the middle. Place the layer in an appropriate position according to its height. Then screw the triangles, load-bearing plates and columns, or don't tighten them too tightly.

                    7. Then stand on the shelf and keep it vertical behind the wall. Gradually tighten the screw from the bottom, you can use both hands to shake the screw, so that the bracket looks stable and stable.

                    Heavy shelf\n

                    Assembly shelf description:

                    1. Reserve shelf area, try not to expose shelf outside in order to avoid exposure or rain.

                    2. Keep the installation site clean and tidy, and clean up dust and garbage.

                    3. Leveling the floor before assembly to ensure the stability of the shelf installation. The more flat the ground is, the better.

                    4, pay attention to gently lifting, avoid shelf bending or wear surface spray. ### Hangzhou Yongcheng Warehousing Co., Ltd. It is a professional company devoted to the development, design, production, sales and installation of modern warehousing and logistics equipment.

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