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                    Why does shelf wholesale meet the needs of customers?2019-05-23

                    However, the company's purchasing, even personal purchasing, hope that the fewer parts the better, direct supply to the factory.

                    Obviously, this form has great advantages.

                    The same is true for warehouse shelves and factory direct sales. This mode of supply can greatly meet the needs of customers and make the purchase of products smoothly. \ \ n \ \ n

                    I think the reason why warehouse shelf manufacturers can directly sell goods to meet the needs of customers is mainly reflected in three aspects.

                    Price, quality control and service.

                    The direct contact between shelf manufacturers and buyers not only saves the intermediate link, but also saves the price difference, which makes the supply and demand sides more closely. Both sides are satisfied in many aspects.

                    Storage rack is a typical customized product, which belongs to the storage equipment industry.

                    Basically, the manufacturer manufactures and supplies customers directly. If warehouse shelves are sold directly, prices will have inherent advantages. However, in fact, many consumers cooperate with distributors. They buy goods from shelf manufacturers and sell them to customers.

                    It costs so much more or less.

                    Warehouse shelf wholesale

                    In terms of quality and quality control, it is also beneficial to purchase directly from storage shelf manufacturers.

                    Most manufacturers offer one-stop shelf service. From measurement planning, design, processing customization and installation services, a series of processes can be carried out. This is critical to the quality and availability of shelves from shelves.

                    Control, so that the procurement process without worries. \ \ n \ \ n

                    Because of the direct sale of warehouse shelves, which has advantages in cost and other aspects, shelf suppliers can spend more energy on services, from pre-sale, in-sale, after-sale, etc. can provide customers with a full range of services.

                    In practice, everyone's products are similar. Many times, their services are in place in time, and their services are directly related to the people who can use them.

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