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                    What should we pay attention to when buying storage shelves?2019-05-23

                    Storage shelves are mainly different from supermarket shelves. In addition to storage, supermarket shelves are another important function.

                    Its height usually depends on people's height, so most supermarket shelves are more focused on structural design below 3 meters.

                    Compared with supermarket shelves, warehousing shelves are widely used in industrial warehouses. They pay more attention to the upward development and make full use of warehousing space, with a height of more than 40 meters. The design of large logistics centers can be an integrated structure of libraries, that is, shelf components are built first.

                    Shelves are the supporting structures of buildings, which are later constructed, such as walls and roofs.

                    Emphasis is on storage, making full use of space and another important feature - the storage shelf form for fast handling of cargo flows.

                    Both shelves have different functions and structures.

                    There are three types of shelves commonly used in supermarkets. One is the one-sided back net, the other is the two-sided back net. There is also an angle steel frame. Others, like hangers and floats, are also useful.

                    Specific model rules are based on the graphic design of supermarkets and the placement of products.

                    Storage shelves and warehouse shelves are actually the same thing. It is roughly divided into four types: heavy shelves, medium shelves, light shelves and angle steel shelves. Specifications are based on the size and height of the warehouse and the items to be placed.


                    Issues needing attention in purchasing

                    This is a widespread problem that concerns consumers. The main function of warehouse shelves is to store goods. In many cases, it is not necessary to pay attention to the appearance of shelf products like other products.

                    1. The stability of the shelf is always one of the key problems in the design of the steel structure of the warehouse shelf. The wide application of shelf steel structure system highlights the importance and urgency of stability research.

                    Because there are many uncertainties in the design, construction and use of warehouse shelf steel system, it is necessary to introduce reliability analysis.

                    2. Choosing shelves requires choosing the characteristics of your warehouse, so before you buy, you have to plan for yourself, or have the professionals of the shelf factory tailor-made for you, so that the utilization of your warehouse will be greatly improved, and

                    The lower the likelihood of future problems.

                    3. Process issues.

                    The black parts after shelf forming should be carried out in various steps, such as degreasing, descaling, pretreatment, phosphating, passivation, electrostatic spraying and high temperature curing.

                    The quality of powder is also a good difference.

                    Generally speaking, every shelf company has standard colors, and the standard color of spray is usually very low.

                    If special colors are used, the replacement of powder will increase construction time and waste powder, so the cost will be relatively high.

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