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                    Introduction of Cost Control Method for Factory Shelf2019-05-23

                    The general purchase demand of warehouse shelves is relatively large, so there will be a large amount of capital outflow when purchasing. For enterprises, they need to control the cost when they buy.

                    But if you just start buying, you will inevitably be inexperienced, and you will need to master a good way to better control costs.

                    So how to better control the cost, first of all, we need to determine the demand, because the stacking of shelves will vary according to the size of different warehouses, the size of space and the overall mode.

                    Reasonable design and planning will be conducive to cost control and saving. The installation site can be investigated first, and the size and height of each site can be measured.

                    Of course, some warehouses may be in the process of construction and construction. Although there are few cases, they should be planned.

                    Even if this happens, warehouse shelves can be designed according to construction drawings. As long as the size and layout are relatively accurate, the pre-design can be carried out.


                    In addition to considering the size of the entire website, the design should also consider the actual operational requirements, such as the need to reserve some other parking spaces in the use of warehouses, or stack other auxiliary equipment.

                    If this space is not left, it will be more troublesome if you need to modify it again after the overall design is completed. Therefore, you should plan at an early stage to avoid future modifications, which will lead to more material.

                    And investment costs, and raw materials may also be unable to continue to use because of changes in the original location.

                    In addition, for cost control, besides quantity planning, we must also consider the purchase cost. The unit price purchased will directly determine the amount of funds needed for the entire project construction, so we must ensure that the unit price is rationalized.

                    Not all products are fixed at the same price. Even if they are sold at the same quality in different factories, the prices may be different. Therefore, we must determine the quality while controlling the cost.

                    In many comparisons, which price is more cost-effective so that you can better control costs. In addition, the price that manufacturers buy directly will be cheaper than the price that merchants buy. There is no intermediate price difference between the ex-factory prices, which will reduce cost control.

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