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                    Talking about Several Types of Heavy Storage Frames2019-05-23

                    In industrial shelves, heavy storage shelves are usually customized.

                    In the long-term practical application, in order to adapt to different storage requirements, heavy shelves continue to develop and improve, forming different types of heavy shelf extension products, with traditional basic attributes. Heavy shelf (girder shelf).

                    It also has its own unique structure and storage characteristics.

                    Today, Shengtong Shelf Group has compiled relevant information about heavy shelves for you. Let's have a look.

                    Ordinary heavy shelves, we can also call it low-grade heavy shelves, this heavy shelf is generally designed to four levels of cargo loading level.

                    Shelves can be placed separately in different warehouses, making it easier to move, adjust height and restructure parts of shelves.

                    Heavy shelves are composed of diamond hole columns, conveyor beams, shelf gaskets, stabilizers and other safety accessories.

                    This type of shelf uses heavy shelves, and is a common structural model of many shelves.

                    Elevated shelves, warehouse shelves, more than 5 meters is called elevated shelves, including heavy beam shelves.

                    The columns and beams of the elevated shelf are made of high quality Q235 steel and are connected by the combination of the columns and beams.

                    In the actual use of elevated shelves, it is necessary to install connecting devices to further improve the stability of shelves.

                    The specifications of elevated shelves are as follows: 90 x 65 x 1.8 mm, 70 x 60 x 1.8 mm, 55 x 45 x 1.5 mm and other special shelf column profiles.

                    High-end shelf beams are generally made of C-shaped steel brazed beams with a width of 90-140 mm, a height of 50 mm and a material thickness of 1.5 mm.

                    Shuttle rack, shuttle rack system is a high-density storage system, including shelves, trolleys and forklifts. This efficient storage method is to improve the utilization of warehouse space and bring new storage options to customers!

                    Shuttle shelves have the advantages of high density storage and high warehouse utilization.

                    The working efficiency is high and the waiting time is greatly reduced.

                    This kind of shelf operation is very flexible, and can be first-in-first-out or advanced freight transport mode.

                    High safety factor, reduce collision between shelf and forklift, improve safety and productivity.

                    Compared with other types of shelves, lighting requirements are relatively low and overall investment is less.

                    Heavy duty rack

                    The existence of these types of heavy shelves greatly meets the access requirements of different warehouses, goods and storage conditions.

                    It also improves the logistics warehousing efficiency of the whole enterprise, and provides the necessary conditions for the standardization and efficient operation of the enterprise.

                    The structure of these heavy shelves is different, the actual operation effect is different, and the procurement cost is also very different. The selection and design must be based on the specific storage conditions and the recommendations of the shelf manufacturer.

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