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                    Warehousing Industry: Scale Effect Enhances Comprehensive Competitiveness2019-05-23

                    Automatic three-dimensional storage shelf

                    In recent years, the development of automatic three-dimensional storage system has been very fast. At present, logistics system integrators are responsible for the establishment of warehouses. Of course, automatic three-dimensional storage shelves are also provided by several large domestic shelf manufacturers.

                    Star, Yinfei, Donglian, Liuwei, Shicang, Dinghu, etc.

                    Among contractors for automated three-dimensional storage systems, high-end foreign brands include Dematic, Dafu, and Japanese and Taiwan brands such as Murata, Okamura, Formosa Plastics and Allied. Kunming has the strongest domestic strength.

                    North and North, in addition to Nitto, today's international and so on.

                    In 2008, many three-dimensional warehouses were established in China.

                    Logistics industry has been listed as the tenth largest industrial revitalization plan, and investment in this field will increase in the future. Therefore, with the development of economy, the development prospects of automated storage shelves will be very broad.

                    Market Situation of Shelf Export

                    In recent years, shelf exports have been growing rapidly. Domestic enterprises rely on their own advantages in the international market, as well as the safe payment of letters of credit, coupled with the increasingly fierce competition in the domestic market, many enterprises are also committed to foreign customers.


                    However, since the beginning of 2008, with the sharp decline of the dollar exchange rate, after the Spring Festival of 2008, the price of steel raw materials has been rising all the way, which seems to be aggravating, which is of great significance. The impact on shelf export enterprises.

                    In addition to the impact of the international financial tsunami that began in October 2008 on China's real economy, the export market has been in a downturn since 2009, which makes the capacity of shelf enterprises, originally the main export market, seriously inadequate, thus competing for the competitiveness of domestic sales projects.

                    Among them.

                    Developing trend

                    With the development of modern warehousing and logistics industry, people have a deeper understanding of value - increasing the services provided by modern logistics.

                    As the basic storage equipment in the logistics chain, shelves will conform to the trend of the times, mainly reflected in the following two aspects of development:

                    First of all, the shelf company not only provides warehousing shelf products, but also develops a series of overall warehousing solutions. Modern warehousing logistics industry needs to use modern technology and means to improve logistics efficiency. This requires shelf companies not only to provide shelves.

                    Products, from the user's point of view, use professional technology to provide appropriate storage solutions.

                    This has become a service that provides added value to customers. In the fierce market competition, who can create greater customer value, who is more likely to win.

                    At the beginning of the shelf business, the main reason is to provide shelf products, and then customers will ask how to use shelves.

                    Therefore, shelf companies need to provide shelf layout and design solutions.

                    However, after customers use shelves, although it solves the storage problem, it will encounter a series of problems in warehouse management. It is hoped that shelf enterprises will provide a complete set of warehouse operations, including shelf labels, bar code scanning, warehouse management software, etc.

                    The plan will be the direction for shelf companies to become stronger and stronger.

                    Second, shelf enterprises should start with scale and new product development to reduce production costs.

                    In the fierce price competition, enterprises must reduce costs, and the cost of shelves is 70% of steel. The processing space can be reduced. Only by constantly strengthening product research and development, can we develop new product models by fully saving materials and products.

                    Continuous standardization and reduced process manufacturing costs.

                    In addition, the fixed cost ratio of factory cost is very high, and the cost can be allocated more only when the output increases. Therefore, large-scale production and standardized production will be the main direction for shelf manufacturers to improve their overall competitiveness.

                    For domestic shelf companies, despite the grim situation in 2009, in order to survive and develop, the domestic demand market has launched fierce competition, but in the long run, the whole industry still has broad prospects for development.

                    The current situation puts forward higher requirements for domestic shelf companies. Who can cultivate their inner strength in the severe winter of 2009, who will win in the fierce competition.

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