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                    Teach your shelves to be easy to sell and to put in technology2019-05-23

                    Supermarkets have developed rapidly since they landed in mainland China. Now almost all large supermarket chains have their own branches in China.

                    The popularity of supermarkets has led directly to the disappearance of some small shopping centers and retail stores.

                    So how can supermarkets win the competition by virtue of their own advantages?

                    How to make use of consumers'psychology to use the tips of commodities so as to maximize their profits?

                    There are nine tips #1. Many people in China say that Chinese supermarkets can actually be called "eating markets".

                    Because more than half of the areas are selling food.

                    The food area must have a fresh oven area to stimulate food consumption.

                    2. The display of vegetables and fruits should be conspicuous.

                    Vegetables and fruits are usually placed in relatively open positions, such as in the middle of a field.

                    This is because bright colors can stimulate consumers to buy.

                    3. Promotional products are usually placed at the entrance of supermarkets.

                    Usually these items are not profitable, which is very attractive to consumers when they enter the supermarket for the first time.

                    4. Where are the high-profit items?

                    Usually, in the same kind of goods, the goods you take in a convenient location are very profitable.

                    In other words, it's very profitable to be in line with your vision.

                    5. Put some children's toys in the cashier's office.

                    Usually the child feels impatient waiting for the check-out, so parents will consider buying a small toy for the child to comfort the child.

                    6. Shelf is basic, of course clean and tidy.

                    If the goods are covered with dust and sundries and the customers get dirty, then don't buy them. Satisfaction is reduced by half.

                    Therefore, we must diligently wipe shelves and goods, and put them into wells, in order to achieve a clean, orderly.

                    In order to satisfy customers and happy.

                    7. We should gradually classify different sizes and grams.

                    For example, the same product, different sizes or even four or five categories of goods, we can choose to display from top to bottom, so that customers can see at a glance.

                    Of course, each project should also be very broad. If you have too many items, you can choose to open a small space. Never squeeze in.

                    Let each customer reach out and bend down to pick up the goods easily.

                    In order to make each customer more convenient and time-saving.

                    8. Of course, every customer is more concerned about price than about the love and quality of goods.

                    Therefore, the price label or price label must be clearly defined, and the price should be as large as possible.

                    Let every customer, even the old people with bad eyes, see the prices of all kinds of goods at a glance, and make reasonable and time-saving choices.

                    9. Customers often choose to walk around and browse when they choose goods.

                    At this time, we should try our best to understand the needs of the public. Many people buy or need brand goods at the forefront, so that customers can clearly see and attract customers even after passing through.

                    To achieve mutual benefit and mutual benefit, promote the interests of customers, improve profitability.

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