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                    Characteristic and Application Advantage of Shelf Structure2019-05-23

                    This location refers to the area in the warehouse that can actually be used to store goods. Usually, we know about trays or garbage cans, which are storage units.

                    The storage of the storage rack is the storage unit.

                    Place or access any location at will.

                    Next, Yongcheng Shelf will be discussed in detail in the future.

                    Shelf rack can realize the rapid entry and exit of pallets, with strong bearing capacity, complete specifications and models. It is suitable for all kinds of warehouses, making full use of space, and is commonly used in all walks of life.

                    Connecting combination, optimizing cross-section design, adjustable floor height, convenient loading and unloading; equipped with safety pins, partitions, pedal protection devices and other accessories to ensure safety and reliability.

                    Shelf can be adapted to storage of various materials through different deformation and combination.

                    Usually, heavy shelves are more common in various domestic storage shelf systems.

                    The structure is simple and effective. It is a fully assembled structure in the form of columns and beams.

                    According to the characteristics of storage unit assembly equipment, it can install partition, steel plate (wood laminate), wire mesh layer, storage cage track and oil drum rack and other functional accessories to meet the requirements of different unit assembly equipment.

                    Storage of goods.

                    Usually, goods are stored in storage racks through units such as pallets and storage cages.

                    For heavy items, the load per unit is generally less than 2500 kg, and there are usually two units per unit, with low storage density.

                    It is one of the more common and widely used shelves for most warehouses or products.

                    It has 100% optional picking characteristics.

                    Handling machinery, such as forklift trucks, can reach any location for storage, storage is convenient and fast! A shop with mechanical handling equipment.

                    Therefore, when purchasing and designing shelves, the weight of pallets (or cargo holds), the weight of cargo space and the number of pre-stacked layers must be taken into account in order to determine the appropriate columns and beams reasonably.

                    Hangzhou Yongcheng specializes in providing warehouse shelves, automated warehouses and other storage systems. This is an early enterprise focusing on the development and application of logistics and warehousing technology in Hangzhou. It operates in good faith and is committed to using advanced logistics concepts in Europe and the United States to solve customer cargo handling and sorting problems.

                    Turnover and other efficiency issues.

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