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                    What is peripheral equipment or supporting equipment?2019-05-23

                    The main use of shelves is storage, and the second is display.

                    Storage generally refers to the storage and production of materials in the company warehouse, most of the operators are production personnel.

                    Exhibitions generally refer to supermarkets, supermarkets, museums, exhibitions, etc. for consumers or tourists. In these two cases, the effect that the owner wants to achieve is different, so peripheral devices are naturally different.

                    The shelves are used for display and walking on the shelves of Hengyuan City Supermarket. Its peripheral equipment includes: light box, price tag, hook, shopping cart, fruit and vegetable shelves, shopping basket, scattered shelves, promotion desk, price tag paper, typewriter.


                    Some products have special requirements for placement and can also be manufactured separately. In short, it looks beautiful because it is used for display.

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