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                    What should we pay attention to in the operation of autopilot in 3D Warehouse?2019-05-23

                    Today, Xiaobian introduces you to the basic usage of this kind of equipment: r\n

                    First, before starting the truck, it must be ensured that it is in the middle of the guide line. If the installation is incorrect, please remember not to start the operation. After power off, push the car to the middle position.

                    Start again.

                    Secondly, before running the AGV, it is necessary to check whether the red emergency stop button on the top of the car has been pressed. If it does not meet the standard, it is recommended that you press the button.

                    Third, you can further activate the power of the car by rotating the roof key. At this point, you can hear the sound "falling" into the system and see the interface appearing on the LCD screen.

                    If the "fall" that everyone hears is long rather than short, it means that the car can't start properly and needs to be effectively re-operated.

                    Fourth, if you need to restart the car, we recommend that you turn off the power supply, preferably restart after about five seconds, until successful. If several successive operations fail, please charge the AGV as soon as possible to ensure that it has enough power to run.

                    Fifth, under normal conditions, the battery in the car can maintain 5-6 hours of continuous working time. For charging time, we recommend that you meet 8 hours at a time to ensure normal use the next day.

                    Sixthly, in the charging process of AGV, it is necessary to adopt the emergency stop button and turn off the power supply of the car to ensure that the whole charging process is safer and more stable.

                    If the green light on the top of the car is on, it means that the whole charging process is in normal and good condition.

                    Seventh, pay attention to the voltage when charging, as far as possible to ensure that the AGV has a consistent state, if the load charges for a long time, it is easy to affect the car.

                    Over the past few years, businesses and manufacturers in various fields have attached great importance to the use of automatic three-dimensional libraries. As an integral part of AGV, AGV plays an important role in making the delivery process more accurate.

                    For more information on this, you are welcome to pay attention to the updates on Correde shelves.

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