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                    How to design supermarket shelf flow chart?2019-05-23

                    The City shelf flow chart is a graphical representation of system information flow.

                    To put it bluntly, it means what to do first, actually\\

                    Combination. Supermarket shelf flow chart includes business process and operation process. 1. Supermarket Shelf Business Flow Chart

                    Business process description describes the business relationship and operation sequence among the roles in the system, including the operation of various roles on supermarket shelves. It describes the business direction and business process of the whole system centered on business process.

                    The supermarket shelf business flow chart describes the complete business process centered on business process, and usually has no data concept.

                    2. Supermarket shelf operation process

                    Supermarket shelf function user operation process design is only the simplest and most normal operation process.

                    Setting up roles running process using "if... no..." to judge the logic behind supermarket shelves.

                    The key of supermarket shelf operation flow chart is to simulate user scenarios, and three situations need to be considered.

                    When does the user use this feature; (How to start)

                    What users want to give them when using this feature; (How to travel)

                    What does the user need to end this function?

                    (How to End)

                    Operational flow charts focus more on a task or goal, focusing on details. Operational flow charts are written by the user's operating angle and the specific operation process of supermarket shelves.

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