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                    The Process of Making Secret Shelf in Qingyuan Steel Industry2019-05-22

                    Qingyuan Steel Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specialized in producing, selling and selling in the industry.

                    Factory Address: Xining Road, Xining Community, Jiangning District, Nanjing.

                    Covering an area of 1200 square meters, modern production workshop, automatic shelf column, shelf beam, angle brace plate cold forming unit production line 10 automatic shelf continuous

                    Large open laser cutting equipment is used in stamping production line.

                    The company has more than 60 professional design and planning teams and sales teams, as well as more than 20 senior designers.

                    Engaged in shelf research and development for more than 20 years, with rich experience in storage shelves, professional customized storage shelves to serve you.

                    Storage rack is a general term.

                    It contains many types of shelf products.

                    According to the load-bearing capacity of shelves, they can be divided into light shelves, medium shelves and heavy shelves.

                    According to the use, it can be divided into: cloth shelf, mould shelf, refrigeration shelf, logistics shelf.

                    According to the appearance, it can be divided into: narrow roadway frame, shuttle frame.

                    Drive frame, attic frame, cantilever, steel platform, etc. \ \ n

                    Shelf production process!

                    The finished goods shelf usually undergoes the following processes.

                    1. Choose shelves and other shelves according to customer's requirements. We go to the raw material factory steel plant.

                    Ordering Q235B coils, ordering coils of different sizes, I-beams or sometimes it is the first step in choosing galvanized materials.

                    2. Using automatic punching machine to punch, some sheets are sheared by shearing machine and bending machine to bend the sheet.

                    3. Use automatic shelf posts, shelf beams,

                    Shelf plate cold forming equipment production line is used to press out the pillars, beams and steel plates of the shelf.

                    If there is a gallery shelf, the bull leg and guide rail must be extruded.

                    5. Push out suspensions and other accessories.

                    6. Welding joints and other accessories of automatic welding machine.

                    7. Polished and polished rack posts and welded joints of rack beams.

                    8. Enter the epoxy coating production line and wait for powder spraying.

                    9. Put sprayed shelf products into warehouse for packaging and transportation.

                    This is the production process of general storage shelves in auxiliary shelf factories. I'm here to give a brief introduction to my friends.

                    Let customers and friends who do not know how to make shelf products have a deeper understanding of our products!

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