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                    Shuttle frame entry and exit mode and its characteristics2019-05-23

                    Shuttle rack is a storage rack system, including racks, shuttles and forklifts.

                    It can greatly improve the space utilization rate of warehouse, and increase the utilization rate of traditional warehouse shelves from 40% to 80%. The access efficiency is 2-3 times higher than that of truck-free shelves. In addition, the shuttle frame can meet the requirements.

                    Different storage requirements, in this paper, the special Suzhou shelf is to share the access mode and characteristics of shuttle frame.

                    First, FIFO r\n

                    Goods are stored at one end of the road and taken out at the other. The model can be used as a buffer in two areas or as a fixed cargo storage area.

                    When the road is not full, the shuttles will be rearranged to the post pallets so that they can be arranged tightly to store more pallets.

                    Advantages: \ n

                    1. It can realize sequential access to logistics and meet the basic requirements of general logistics.

                    2. Realize logistics access and partition operation and optimize site management;


                    1. Forklift trucks are needed at both ends of the shelf.

                    2. Storage rate is lower than the last input, first output.

                    II. Advanced Follow-up Mode (FILO)\n

                    This is a more common mode of access, where goods are accessed at the same end of the road.

                    If there is no special requirement, there is no need to move the tray.


                    1. It can only be accessed on one side of the shelf, which can make full use of the storage area.

                    2. It is more suitable for places where feeding and returning are needed.


                    1. The materials needed to go out in order of order cannot be met.

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