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                    Compared with traditional warehouse, what are the advantages of automatic three-dimensional inventor2019-05-23

                    Automated warehouse is a new concept put forward by logistics and warehousing industry after World War II. It is developed on the basis of traditional warehousing technology. It can realize high-level warehouse, access automation and easy-to-operate rationalization. Compared with traditional storage shelves, automation.

                    The outstanding advantages of three-dimensional warehouse are more obvious.

                    In this paper, the advantages of automated warehouse are analyzed from five perspectives, so that everyone can better understand the advantages and characteristics of automated warehouse.

                    1. Improving the efficiency and accuracy of production and distribution

                    Automated logistics system uses advanced information management system, automatic material storage, sorting and processing equipment, so that goods can be automatically accessed and classified in the warehouse according to needs.

                    In the industrial production process, the automated logistics system is directly connected to the production line. According to the production needs, materials are automatically exported to the production line at the prescribed time to meet the production requirements of raw materials at any time, so that the supply of raw materials and production requirements are the best.

                    Value, improve the production efficiency of enterprises; through advanced identification technology and information processing technology, can effectively manage materials, ensure the accuracy of feeding, and accurately track the flow of goods.

                    In the process of commercial distribution, the automated logistics system automatically arranges distribution according to the received order information. The efficiency and accuracy of sorting and distribution can be greatly improved by using automatic sorting technology, electronic tag technology and bar code technology.

                    2. Realizing the Integration of Enterprise Information

                    Logistics informatization is an important part of enterprise informatization. Logistics information management system is seamlessly connected with other management systems of enterprises to realize the automatic transmission and reception of information among enterprises'systems, so that enterprises can realize information integration and avoid logistics system becoming

                    "Information Isolation", planning, controlling and material tracking throughout the production and sales process.

                    In the production process, the automated logistics system collects all the most basic logistics information in the production process of enterprises in real time, and constantly summarizes it to form the information flow that can guide the purchase and production of enterprises.

                    3. Increasing space utilization rate and reducing land cost

                    Automated logistics system uses high-level shelves to store goods. Storage area can be developed to high altitude, reduce storage space, improve storage space utilization and storage capacity.

                    At present, the world's highest automated warehouse has reached the height of 50 meters, and the storage capacity per unit area of the shelf area of the warehouse can reach 7.5 t/m2, that is, 5-10 is twice as much as the traditional warehouse, which can save 40% compared with the traditional warehouse.

                    - 70% of the land area can significantly reduce the cost of land.

                    4. Reducing Labor Demand and Reducing Labor Cost

                    Automated logistics system can reduce labor demand, labor intensity and labor efficiency.

                    For example, warehousing and logistics personnel equipped with the same tonnage of goods can save more than two-thirds of the automated logistics system.

                    5. Improving Logistics Management Level

                    Automated logistics system can store inventory, storage, transfer, inventory and so on.

                    Comprehensive control and management not only reflects the whole process of invoice, but also provides real-time analysis and control of the project, which provides the basis for business managers to make correct decisions and balance all aspects of production, storage and sales.

                    Inventory volume is reduced to the optimal storage capacity, capital circulation speed and utilization rate are greatly improved, and inventory cost is reduced. Satellite transportation system technology can be used to optimize material transportation routes. Real-time monitoring of materials during transportation can ensure the safety of materials.

                    In addition, the advantage of automated logistics system is that it can adapt to the operation needs of special logistics environment such as dark, toxic and low temperature.

                    Therefore, compared with the traditional logistics system, the automatic logistics system has obvious advantages in terms of logistics efficiency and management level, space utilization rate and labor cost.

                    However, as far as the current domestic development trend is concerned, although the automatic three-dimensional library has many advantages, many warehouses are discouraged by the automatic three-dimensional library and its high operating costs. However, the Suzhou shelf believes that the economy is developing.

                    Automated three-dimensional library will become one of the trends of enterprise development.

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