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                    The Importance of Service Marketing to Enterprises2019-05-22

                    As service marketing, why should we carry out service marketing and service marketing strategy?

                    Service marketing is the expansion and extension of traditional marketing. This is a marketing activity for service industry and service in traditional marketing activities.

                    Service marketing studies marketing activities from two perspectives.

                    Firstly, it studies the overall market activities of the service industry; secondly, it studies the service in the marketing activities of physical products.

                    As an important part of producer services, processing and manufacturing has important strategic significance for the development of national economy.

                    In recent years, the rise and rapid development of logistics industry has promoted the development of processing manufacturing industry and related enterprises, but also brought many problems, and put forward new requirements to compete with the shelf industry. As the main body.

                    As a large logistics enterprise in domestic warehousing logistics industry, in order to create more value space in warehousing, it is necessary to integrate the whole supply chain, reduce warehousing costs, and use more intelligent warehousing equipment to improve storage space and management efficiency.

                    Combining marketing strategy theory with shelf industry development, explaining enterprise's market environment analysis and formulating logistics marketing strategy can enrich and improve the content of marketing strategy.

                    Because warehousing shelf occupies a certain position in the logistics industry, some marketing strategies of other shelf companies have been put forward to promote the overall progress of the warehousing logistics industry. \\ n n n n n n n n r n n

                    Shelf and related services, shelf companies and marketing, marketing management and their survival and development are closely related.

                    Especially in the fierce market competition, warehousing and shelf enterprises should conscientiously carry out SWOT analysis to understand their strengths, weaknesses and problems, constantly integrate resources, innovate products, provide high-quality services and import marketing mix, improve marketing mix and 4C and 4Ps marketing mix.

                    Continuously improve marketing management, improve core competitiveness, so that shoulder storage industry occupies a place in the forest of storage equipment manufacturing industry.

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