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                    Safety inspection of manufacturer's warehouse during use2019-05-22

                    In Hexi, factory warehouse is an important equipment of warehouse management, which plays an irreplaceable role in the process of warehouse management.

                    However, the use of warehouse shelves must strictly follow the operating procedures.

                    Safety first can give full play to its role, so as to achieve the purpose of safe production.

                    What items should you check frequently when using warehouse shelves?

                    This is a brief introduction.

                    1. After the warehouse shelves are installed, special persons shall be arranged to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the shelves. It is important to check whether the installed connection parts are correct and firm, whether there is loosening, and whether there are other errors.

                    2. Check whether the columns and beams are deformed.

                    The emphasis of the inspection is to verify whether the weight of the loaded goods meets the requirements, and whether the pillars in the corner of the shelf have collision deformation and passage location.

                    3. Check the use of warehouse shelves, especially shelf aging and wet rust.

                    If there is rust on the shelf, it should be rust-proof in time.

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