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                    Matters needing attention during the sale of shelves2019-05-22

                    In Hedong, warehouse shelves are commonly used equipment in warehouse management.

                    Through warehouse shelves, warehouse management is simpler and easier.

                    But we should give full play to the role of warehouse shelves.

                    So what should you pay attention to when selling and using storage shelves?

                    This is a brief introduction.

                    1. The weight of the goods on the shelf shall not exceed the weight of the design load.

                    Both light and heavy shelves have rated load-bearing designs.

                    If the weight of the items placed exceeds the design weight, the shelf may be deformed or even folded, leading to accidents.

                    Secondly, shelves should be protected from direct sunlight. It's better not to install shelves in direct sunlight. If it's inevitable, try to cover it with curtains.

                    Third, warehouse shelves should have access to facilitate the transport, placement and unloading of goods.

                    Especially at the corner, the necessary protective measures should be taken to prevent the collision of columns and damage of warehouse shelves during transportation.

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