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                    Heavy duty Racking

                    Heavy duty Racking

                    Assemble interlock structureEasy to handle, Fast to installConvince to adjust the layer height by pitch in 75mm per eachHeavy duty capacity, it could load up to approximately 4500kgs per compartment  

                    We supply all forms of pallet rack and can match and expand on existing rack types. Our selective pallet rack systems are designed to fit your needs, from a small warehouse to a major high-rise distribution centre. 

                    With a Pallet Rack system you are assured of the best designed, most efficient and safest racking. Whether working from your plans or developing a cost-effective layout that is just right for your needs, we will ensure the most productive pallet racking solution is provided. 

                    Our pallet rack systems interface with all kinds of forklifts from standard counterbalance to narrow-aisle and straddle trucks and with pick-to-belt and other automation. Accessories include aftermarket safety bars, wire-mesh decks and rack guards.

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