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                    Carton Flow Racking

                    Carton Flow Racking

                    Roller Tracks / Flow tracks

                    Flow track =ABS wheels + steel channel

                    1) Made of high quality ABS and steel channel 

                    2) Low friction and good strike-proof 

                    3) The roller wheels can resist acid, alkali and moisture, can be used in humid environment 

                    4) The flanged profile of the roller wheel is made of zinc-coated steel to ensure Strong duration 

                    5) Different size is available and have many colors wheel for your choice

                    Carton Flow/roller rack can dramatically improve warehouse efficiency by organizing product and rotating stock automatically. Long, straight, dedicated lanes maintain product organization and keep labor costs down. Storage space can be increased up to 60% by using a minimum of 22% less floor space, thereby keeping building costs down. Typically, Carton Flow systems use about half the floor space that standard pallet rack occupies and the difference can be more dramatic with multi-level systems . The simplicity of gravity driven systems requires less capital than maintenance-prone automated systems.     

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