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                    Combination of shelf and pallet shelf2019-05-23

                    Heavy-duty warehouse shelves: commonly known as girder shelves or cargo shelves, belong to pallet shelves, in the shelves are more common in various domestic warehousing shelf systems.

                    The combination of heavy storage shelves and pallet shelves is very important. Whether in small warehouses or large warehouses, pallets and heavy storage shelves are indispensable.

                    Heavy storage rack: rolled by high quality cold rolled steel plate. The longest pillar is up to 6 meters, and there is no joint in the middle. Beams are made of high quality square steel. It has large bearing capacity and is not easy to deform. The suspension between the beam and the column is a cylindrical protuberance.

                    The connection is reliable, easy to assemble and disassemble, and locking nails are used to prevent the forklift truck from picking up the beam. All shelf surfaces are treated by pickling, phosphating and electrostatic spraying, which are anti-corrosion, rust-proof and beautiful in appearance.

                    Suitable for large warehouses.

                    Pallet rack storage unit Pallet cargo, road stacker and other storage and transportation equipment.

                    The top frame is not only an integral structure, but usually consists of welded steel frames (brackets), horizontal and vertical connecting rods, beams and other components.

                    Side clearance 6 considers the parking accuracy of goods in the original position, the parking accuracy of stackers, the installation accuracy of stackers and shelves, etc. The width of cargo support must be greater than the transverse clearance so that there is no support on the cargo side.


                    At present, it is easy to disassemble and move by means of free combination. It can adjust the position of the cross beam arbitrarily according to the height of the articles. Therefore, the combination of heavy storage rack and pallet rack can be called adjustable pallet rack.

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