How Your Family Can Get The Most Out Of Its All-Inclusive Vacation

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When you go on an all-inclusive family vacation, you could be missing out on some benefits. The all-inclusive” part doesn’t just mean food, drinks, and beach towels. Such resorts have much more to offer. Since you already paid, why not take advantage of the services to their fullest extent? Many families don’t even bother to read the list of offerings the all-inclusive resorts provide. As a result, they are overpaying for the vacation. The food and the pools are not worth the money you are paying for the all-inclusive resort. There is much more to take advantage of. All you have to do is a little research. Here are a few things you can do to make sure you get the most out of your vacation.

Choose the Right Resort

Before buying a package, you have to ask yourself what type of a vacation you want to have. Are you the kind who likes to hang by the pool all day sipping tasty cocktails? Then you can save money by booking a resort that doesn’t offer too many sports activities. If you love being entertained all day and all night, look for a resort that has a variety of shows planned. Does your family like sports and outdoor activities? Make sure to find a place large enough to offer tennis courts, a golf course, football fields, or whatever else.  Also take note that some resorts are geared toward families and some all-inclusives are adults-only. Just keep this in mind as you search. It should be fairly obvious in the marketing materials and websites. You and your partner don’t want to split the honeymoon suite with your kids. Just be careful. Many of these family resorts offer plenty of activities for young kids. Most resorts will list all inclusions and you can get a general vibe from the websites.  

Try New Food

No matter how many days you spend at the all-inclusive resort, be it 3 or 14, you’ll have enough time to try at least half of the munchies they offer. The variety of dishes is usually mind-boggling. There is absolutely no reason to stick with your old stand-bys. An all-inclusive resort is your opportunity to try new food, especially of the local variety. If you don’t take advantage of all the new dishes, you are not just missing out on a wonderful experience, you are overpaying for your vacation. 
Try not to overeat if you’re worried about gaining weight, but at least vary what you eat. 

Take Classes 

Many resorts offer a variety of classes you can take. The day you arrive, go to the front desk and ask for a class and activity schedule for the week. Remember, most likely, no one will be going around offering you these classes. The instructors don’t get paid for the number of students they teach so they don’t care how many actually come. You have to take the initiative and find out about the classes yourself.

Don’t Go To Sleep Early

Most all-inclusive resorts have some type of evening entertainment available for the vacationers. Usually, the evening shows are the most exciting. You can enjoy the fireworks shows, circus performances, belly dancers, and much more. Every evening, the resorts try to offer something new. So for the money you pay for the package, you get a new show every night. Take advantage of it.

Explore The Territory 

Resorts usually try their best to create a stunning landscape. Beautiful exotic trees and plants, pure white sand, sculptures, and other works of art create an amazing background for taking pictures. Explore the territory of the resort to find these beautiful places. Only a small percentage of the tourists actually see every corner of the large resort facility. Meanwhile, you can find wonderful places for photos, resting, and meditating.

Go Outside The Resort

Even though an all-inclusive vacation means that you have all you need in one place, venturing outside the resort can help you enjoy a brand new experience. 
If you are the kind who likes to take in the local flavor, consider this when choosing the resort. In most cases, such resorts are located in an area filled with similar retreats and reaching a local town requires a long ride. If you want to go outside, find a resort closest to the town.

Take Children For Free

Some all-inclusive resorts allow the children to stay for free as long as mom and dad are paying full price. If you have a large family, such a resort can be a real money saver. Find out about this option before booking the vacation. When you go with children, check out all the activities available for them. For example, many resorts have a children’s club where you can leave your kids under the supervision and enjoy a relaxing drink at the bar without worrying about your child. 

Ask For More

All-inclusive resorts try their best to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. That’s why in most cases, you can get some extra freebies just by asking. Do you want to feel like a real VIP? Ask the bartender to bring you a cocktail to the beach. Do you want a romantic bath with bubbles? Ask the staff to bring you some bath salt and accessories. Need to get the towels changed twice a day? Don’t hesitate to ask. Want a tastier beer or cola? Ask for a can or a bottle.  As long as you are polite, you can get many extras others don’t even think to ask about. 

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