Is It June Yet?


It’s official! Tickets have been booked from our summer excursion to Barcelona, Provence and French Riviera. What’s on the top of my list? Gaudi, the lavender fields of Provence (hello, bucket list!) and the beaches of Nice. Now all I have to do is count down the days until June. In the meantime, I’ll be dreaming of days spent driving through the South of France and nights out in Barcelona.

If you’ve been to these places, I want to hear about your experience! Which towns are must sees and which ones can be skipped? Do you have any must-see sights or memorable restaurants? Looking for any and all suggestions!

See you in June, Nice!
See you in June, Nice!

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  1. Go to Antibes. We went a few years back. It’s a little removed from the hustle of Cannes and Nice.