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My good friend Tiffany runs the popular fashion blog Haute Turntable. There she waxes poetic about the latest styles, her favorite music, her travels and her overall fabulous life in New York. I recently sat down for a quick Q &A with her to get insight on the best travel tips, accessories and destinations.

Favorite Destination: Mykonos or Napa Valley

Favorite Airport: O’Hare (I like the layout)

Favorite Airline: Virgin

Favorite Hotel: My favorite thus far has to be the Auberge Saint-Antoine in Quebec City. It is so cute and quaint, yet has a modern feel!

Travel Necessities: Hand sanitizer, ballet flats, yoga pants, a good hoodie and an iPhone charger.

Carry On Bag: My ride or die bag is my red suede Burberry carry all.

Essential Plane Reading Material: Lately it has been People Style Watch, Vogue, or Rachel Zoe “Living in Style”

5 things you bring on a plane: Chapstick, Gum, Bose Headphones, Neck Pillow, Hand Lotion

What do you always seem to forget? Cash. I always have to get cash out when I touchdown at the airport.

Favorite travel app(s): I would say the Virgin app to check into your flight and check statuses.

Most embarrassing travel moment: I ALWAYS sit in the wrong rows and seats. I once got into it with a woman for like 5 minutes adamant that I wasn’t in her seat, but I definitely was.

What’s your dream destination? Bali or Australia & New Zealand

Best travel tip: Be a smart packer. I used to over pack and it made my life hell. Now that I travel so much for work, I have learned to pack versatile items that can be mixed and matched.

You can find Tiffany at or on Twitter and Facebook. Visit her online and say hello!

London calling
London calling
At home in NYC
Relaxing in Napa
Travel essentials
Travel essentials

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