Finding Authentic Fish & Chips in London

Rock & Sole PlaiceOne of the things I always make sure to do when abroad is to try local foods. So during my first trip to London, I knew I had to try and find authentic fish & chips. After a little online research and a good review from a guest at my hotel, the place was chosen. We stopped by Rock and Sole Plaice in Covent Garden on a chilly afternoon for lunch. According to its website, it was the founded in 1871 and is London’s oldest fish and chips restaurant. How cool is that? The place was crowded and the seating was minimal, but luckily we were able to snag a small table. We placed our order (cod for me and haddock for my husband), and waited with a couple beers. This place was no-frills, but with a lively atmosphere. We chatted a little with a fellow British diner who exclaimed that these are “proper fish and chips” and the place was by far his “favorite chippie.” I was anxious to find out if they were as great as he claimed.

The meal arrived after a short wait, and the first thing I noticed was how huge the portions were! Definitely enough for two people to share. The fish was good – crispy and not too greasy on the outside,  tender on the inside.  The fries were decent, but could have been better. I noticed that everyone around us had a few side items with their fish – mushed peas and curry sauce. They both seemed like popular choices, but I opted against trying them. The menu also offered local treats like jam sponge and spotted dick. Based on the unappealing names and the fact that I had no clue what these were, we chose not to order any dessert.

After a long day of being tourists, our meal hit the spot. On our way out I noticed a quote on the outside of the building – “There is nothing more British than Fish & Chips.” Glad I got to finally try some for myself, and I’d call my first fish and chips experience a success.


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  1. My Mom’s side is from Scotland, so I want to make it out to see that, Ireland, and the UK. London would be a great place to start.