5 Foods to Try in the South of France

From Marseilles to Nice, it’s safe to say I’ve eaten my way across France. I learned that Southern France’s food culture is much different from that of Paris and the rest of the country. Beef bourguignon and macarons give way to seafood dishes and Provencal flavors. The area’s best recipes utilize fresh fruit and vegetables from local markets and Mediterranean ingredients. These are some of my favorites I’ve had along the way.

Nicoise Salad: Although you’ll find variations of this well known salad all over the world, the classic version can be found in Nice. This colorful recipe brings together tuna, eggs, olives, tomatoes, potatoes, French beans, lettuce and a vinaigrette dressing. The ingredients can also be found in sandwich form in its spinoff, pan bagnet.

Nicoise Salad
Socca: Every city has its street food, and socca is Nice’s. This pancake-like specialty is made from chickpea flour and served hot, and can be found throughout Nice. Socca
Provencal Honey: Provence produces some of the most high quality honey out there, flavored with unique items like chestnuts and lavender. It smells and tastes amazing, and also makes for adorable gifts.
Calissons: The town of Aix en Provence is known for its tiny candied fruits covered in icing. Made from almond paste, candied melon and orange peel, these candies can be found in every shop and market in Aix.
Bouillabaisse: No list would be complete without Southern France’s famous stew. It’s a flavorful fisherman’s stew flavored with herbs de Provence that has to be tried at least once.  Although attributed to Marseilles, but it can be found in towns all throughout Provence.

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