Ten Unique Travel Accessories Under $10

1. Packing Checklist: This list will make sure you don’t forget any of the necessities.

2. Travel Laundry BagGreat for separating dirty clothes from the rest of your suitcase.

3. Bottle Protector: Keep your wine and liquor safe on the return flight home.

4. Squeeze Pods:  Disposable pods of necessities like lotion, hand sanitizer and shaving cream are super convenient.

5. Mini Sewing Kit: For when you need that safety pin or extra button.

6. Credit Card ProtectorThis handy card sleeve protects you from identity theft.

7. Travel First Aid Kit: Medicine and band-aids are always useful.

8. Laundry Soap Sheets: Mix these small sheets with water for instant detergent.

 9. Travel Scale: Perfect for making sure your bags don’t exceed airline weight limits.

10. IdentiGrip Luggage Tag: This padded tag conceals your contact info and makes your bag easily identifiable.



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