What to Eat & Drink in Chile

These crispy, cheesy turnovers are one of the first things I need when I get to Chile. Cheese empanadas. Meat empanadas. Seafood empanadas. The possibilities are endless. Go the traditional route and try pino filling, a mix of beef, olives, eggs and raisins. empa empanadas2

I’m not one for hotdogs, but I can appreciate one every once and awhile. Hotdogs with ketchup and mustard at a backyard BBQ is quintessentially American, but Chileans sure know what they’re doing too. They take a standard dog, then add awesome toppings like avocado, tomatoes and mayo. It may sound crazy, but it works. 800px-El_tremendo_chilenísimo_COMPLET

With over 2,500 miles of coastline, trying local seafood while in Chile is a must. Try some local specialties like razor clams, congrio (eel) and locos. And don’t ask for Chilean Sea Bass – it’s called corvina here.Machas a la parmesana

These heavenly creations are comprised of manjar, which is similar to dulce de leche, sandwiched between two cookies. Homemade ones are the best kind, but you can also find them in bakeries, street carts and grocery stores.alpha

Local Fruits
Chile has some pretty unique fruits that I love. Chirimoya and the caramel-flavored lucuma are two of my favorites. What? A fruit that tastes like caramel? Yes, and it makes for an amazing gelato and smoothie flavor. There’s also a plethora of tasty juices made from the more common peaches, apricots and papayas, just to name a few.pepino dulce

This salsa-like creation is made from tomatoes, onions, garlic, coriander and olive oil. You’ll see this condiment everywhere, and Chileans eat it with everything!pebre

Pisco is a brandy made from grapes that is super strong. One of my favorite drinks is the lime flavored pisco sour, but it’s almost more common to see piscolas – pisco mixed with soda. And if you want a really fun night, try a terremoto, or earthquake. This concoction is made with pisco, wine and pineapple sherbert, and you’ll think you’re experiencing an earthquake after a few.pisco sour

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